One Year Home!

One year ago today, after almost 70 days of living in the hospital, we returned home with our little miracle girl. It wasn’t at all how we imagined the first 2 months of having a new baby to go. I honestly look back and still can’t believe that I walked out of my house on July 20th , and did not return until September 26th. I can’t believe that we lived in a tiny hospital room, sleeping on a small bed in the windowsill, eating the same take out food, holding our baby in the same chair, constantly checking her vitals, for two months. It simply blows my mind. But one year ago, Madison was finally stable and healthy enough to return HOME. One year ago, I finally got to hug my sweet pup again; finally got to sleep in my bed and take a real shower; finally got to return to “normal” life.

It has been an incredibly hard year since returning home, but it’s been such a blessing to get to enjoy my baby girl at home and not hooked up to machines 24/7. I have followed many other stories of babies suffering meningitis who were not awarded the same fate. Babies who never got to return home, or who did so only to pass in the comfort of their own surroundings. It’s hard to imagine that things could be worse when they’re so far from what you hoped and prayed for, but they could be. As hard as everyday is, and even though sometimes I don’t know how we will do this for the rest of our lives, I’m so thankful that Madison made it home.

Even though Madison doesn’t respond to things like a typical child yet, we still try to make as many memories as we can with her. Since being home she has celebrated all of her 1st holidays, went on hikes through state parks, enjoyed swimming, traveled to the beach and boardwalk, had brunch, went to lunches on the Jersey shore, to Vermont (twice!), hiked up mountains, to her first wedding, went on walks with new baby friends, to her first gender reveal party, saw her Aunt and Uncle both get engaged, and more! I pray that this next year is easier on her and allows for tons more memories. I hope she will become seizure free and be able to really take in the world around her. But no matter what, I know she will continue to make us and everyone that knows her so proud of her strength.

So happy 1 year home, my love! Here’s to making each year ahead filled with more fun, and less hospital stays, more good times, and less bad, and if possible, more than anything else, even more love each and every day!



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  1. Erica
    September 28, 2018

    This is such a great photo! Happy one year home to Maddie!!!


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