Hi there! I’m Kelly Backiel.

30 years old. Married to my wonderful husband and best friend John for 4 years (together for 11!). Mama to my meningitis survivor & miracle baby girl, Madison Claire & our 2 year old English Springer Spaniel, Lincoln. I’m a Jersey girl, born & raised. I worked as an Ecommerce Merchandiser for 8 years in the fashion/retail/beauty industry, up until having my beautiful daughter in July of last year.

I started this blog to keep our family & friends updated on Madison’s progress, as a way to organize my struggles with becoming a special needs mama overnight and not losing my sanity, and most of all, to share Madison’s story in the hopes that it will inspire others, whether going through a difficult life changing situation or not! Why “No Going Backs?” Well, that’s a play on our last name & the fact that there is no going back from this turn of events!

Although I certainly feel like a medical expert at this point, I am not – these are merely my opinions and the paths that we have found ourselves on as a family. Please do not take anything I say as medical advice. We were unexpectedly thrown into a world of doctors, nurses, specialists, therapies, and medications, and I’m only sharing our story as we face each challenge ahead.

I have learned so much about how to help my baby girl through online support groups & connecting with other parents who have been faced with the same devastating fate, & I truly hope that by sharing our journey, we can give that same comfort to somebody else. Thanks for stopping by!

“She believed she could, so she did.”